Vatican Connected To USA Finance & Education

If someone was to tell you that the Vatican controlled this world, you’d probably laugh.  Today, many people are unable to see the connection between the Vatican or Catholic Church to world control.  However, if one searches, they would be able to uncover ample evidence, proving the reality of this scenario.

In the presentation below, it is revealed with evidence, how the Vatican ties into the economic structure of the United States of America.  Furthermore, it is revealed how education has been used to reshape and mold the minds of both American and world leaders.  Through her Jesuits, the Vatican has gained control of America, via a well-laid plan, spanning over a century.

That said, the Vatican is wise enough not to use priests, bishops and cardinals alone, but she employ lay-persons who act as her agents.  This cabal, seems rather unbelievable, however hard evidence and eye witness accounts of credible witnesses should make any intelligent person think.  This is not just another crazy conspiracy, but rather a proven fact.

But, you might ask, how does this information impact you, as an individual.  It has profound impact in light of bible prophecy.  When I say, bible prophecy, I am not referring to a private or a pet theory, but rather irrefutable evident in light of the historical record, current events and future plans.  As a bible student, I would have long ago dismissed the bible, should it be proven to be nothing more than a historical record.  However, as I read it’s contents and study its predictions, I have come to an inescapable realization that there truly is a God in control.  And that there does exist and enemy of mankind; that being the fallen angel, Satan.

Many professed Christians today, only possess a surface understanding of biblical teaching.  They focus on the obvious biblical teaching, such as, being kind to one another, who Jesus was and that there is a hell to shun and a heaven to gain.  But, as one digs deep into the Word of God and searches the scriptures, comparing scripture with scripture, it becomes clear that the Bible is not just an ordinary book.  I say this, because the prophetic accuracy of it is beyond astonishing.  This and the fact that the bible teaches both a physical and spiritual reality, opens the understanding of the biblical student in the deep things of God.

I make these statements, not because I am superior to others (because I certainly am not), but rather to challenge others to really and truly seek God through His Word in these last seconds of this earths’ history.  Before things kick-off on this planet, in a few short months, I implore you the reader and listener to lay aside any unChrist-like character flaws and to put away things there are you convinced are wrong.  This will be our only opportunity to prepare to stand before God when He comes.  I pray that we will all be ready.  God bless.



Source: Youtube, Cerebration Ministries


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