The Antichrist Revealed

I used to believe that the bible was just a bunch of fables and lies.  And I believed that the book was merely a construct of many men.  However, my perspective has changed, due to the fact that I am amazed by the reliability and accuracy of the book.  Both the historical and archeological record confirm the absolute validity of the bible.  Time and time, people (such as myself) have tried to disprove the bible as unreliable and contradictory, however to their unpleasant surprise, the bible seems to always rise above the storm of accusation.

I have personally found, that the bible clearly has predicted the rise and fall of nations, well in advance.  And that in light of these predictions, which occurred with supernatural accuracy, that its future predictions contained within the prophecies must be considered in a serious and sobering light.  There is no other spiritual book on earth, that has refuted every challenge made against it.  The bible stands alone, as truly being a revelation from a divine source.

In these last days and in an age where truth is so obscured, many find it difficult to wade through the tidal waves of information and contradictory theories.  And understandably many simply give up on their search for truth, because their expectations are met with frustration and agitation at every turn.  But, there is hope…  I have personally found that when I laid religious theories, dogmas and personal opinions aside and focused on the hard facts alone, that I was able to place my feet on the solid platform of truth.

It does not matter what any person may try to persuade you into believing to be truth.  What matters in these last seconds of this world’s history is that you use your own mind and that you settle in your own mind what truth is.  The truth is the truth.  It cannot be bought or sold.  Nor can it be changed.  However, should a person discover it, the truth becomes more valuable than all of the gold and silver on this planet.

If you are skeptical about the bible, concerned about the future or are feeling like something is missing in your life, I will humbly offer you a challenge to lay all preconceived notions aside and to honestly consider what might very well be “the truth”.  After all Jesus stated that “you will know the truth and the truth will set you free”.   Freedom is awesome, isn’t it?  All the best and God bless!



Source:  Youtube, Cerebration Ministries


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