Earth’s Final Warning…

The events which are transpiring today are warnings to the world.  We are living in the closing chapter of this earth’s history.  War, famines, natural disasters, moral decay, crime and the destruction of the earth are all signs which point directly to the soon coming of Christ.  Jesus stated in the book of John, chapter 14, that He will make known to people what will happen before it does, so that we might believe.  Sadly, few are preparing or are watching for the signs, which signal the time in which to get ready for the soon coming of Christ.

In addition to the above stated issues, many people have identified other problems, such as those which deal with conspiracy theories, economics and politics.  However, most people do not see what is really the root cause of all the problems on this planet.  There exists a power which controls, guides, directs and one that is preparing for its final uprising in the earth.   This power is the Roman Catholic Church System.

This may sound crazy, fanatical or perhaps even down-right judgmental, however, consider the evidence.  There is ample evidence which proves that the Vatican is behind monetary prosperity of nations.   For example, most people are not aware that Canadian, American and English tax dollars are sent directly to banks and on to the Jesuits in the Vatican!   In fact, 100% of these people’s hard earned money ends up outside of the country in which they live!  The top former legal aid of the World Bank revealed this information to the public not long ago, however most people are not aware.  And there are others such as the author by the name of Avro Manhattan, who have discovered and revealed this fact.

However, most people tend to the believe the majority.  And they play right into the hands of government.  We must ask ourselves, why it is that people are not encouraged to think for themselves in our educational institutions anymore?  Free thought and innovative thinking are today, relics of the past.  The students of this age are taught to memorize textbooks and are awarded grades based on their ability to memorize and regurgitate information.  This was not the case only a few short years ago…

But an even bigger problem today, is the fact that the Vatican directly influences, controls and guides the nations of the world.  I say “problem” because the bible CLEARLY identifies the Roman Catholic System as the antichrist power and the institution which will deceive the entire world in these last days.  And when I say CLEARLY, I do not mean that we could read the bible and guess and force fit it to say what we want, but that the bible leaves no doubt as to what we must be all aware of in these last days.

The question surround the issue of origin can only be explained by an intelligent creative source.  This is despite the opinions of learned men which say that this planet and the surrounding galaxies are a product of “random chance”.  Regardless of what you may choose to believe, no one can explain how the bible clearly has foretold the future, via its prophecies, without a single mistake…  This fact alone, should one honestly examine the prophecies, should convince any thinking person that there IS a God who has revealed the end from the beginning and that we are the work of His hands.

That said, the issue in these last days will arise from the push of the Roman Catholic System, which will join with the secular state to enforce laws which will force the conscience of every living person on this planet.  Don’t believe me?  Just take a look in the local media.  Pope Francis and the church in Rome have been extremely prominent in the news.  It has been the pope who has been the leading voice, calling all the world religions together.  And it has been the pope who has been instrumental in the political sphere, to join estranged nations together (e.g. Cuba and America).  But the final act in this drama will be when the Pope will call for the entire world to “rest” or to worship whatever god they choose on SUNDAY.

And why will this be such a big deal?  Because the bible contains a set of guideline called the 10 commandments.  And the bible states in Psalm 119:126 and in many other passages, that when the nations all turn their backs on His law, that He will act and Jesus will come back again to remove sin from the earth.  This is important, because if you read the 10 commandments in Exodus 20, you will realize that the nations have broken all of His law.  The nations idolize, they worship other things before God, they take His name in vain, they teach kids to not honor their parents, they murder, they steal, they promote adultery and fornication, they lie and they covet.   And in all of these things, most nations have passed laws which directly defy God’s law.  However, there is one of God’s laws which has not yet completely been resisted and that is the 4th commandment.

The fourth commandment is about the Sabbath or Saturday.  God has called the world to honor His day of rest.  And by following this principal, it demonstrates to the world, who the Creator is, points to creation and reveals who has authority.  This will be the FINAL issue, because Pope Francis and the Catholic system will call the entire world to worship on the day of the sun, or SUNDAY rather than to honor God’s day of rest; Saturday or Sabbath which is the last commandment that the nations have not fully yet destroyed.   And when the nations pass laws to officially make void God’s final law, then God will act.

If you don’t believe or realize that this will be an issue, please read Pope Francis’ encyclical on Climate Change.  In it he proposes that the climate is tied to the keeping of Sunday…  However, Sunday is not taught as being of value in the eyes of God in the bible.  Additionally, there are the many articles from the current and past popes which call for Sunday observance.  Furthermore, in the US and Canada, this issue is pushed by a group called The Lord’s Day Alliance.  In Europe the issue of Sunday sacredness is pushed by a group called European Sunday Alliance.  And the people involved, no matter how well intended, may not realize that they are fighting against the last commandment of God, which the world has not made void as yet.   However, the final events to yet take place will be rapid ones…  I pray that God will give us eyes to see, a mind to understand and the ability to act and prepare for what is very soon to come…




Source: Youtube, Cerebration Ministries



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