Climate Change and The MARK of the BEAST

When one thinks about climate change, they most likely do not draw the connection to the mark of the beast, spoken of in the Bible.  This is perhaps a strange concept to swallow and the subject alone, could put-off many.  But this issue is a life or death matter which has eternal consequences.

Climate change and the environment is a hot-button topic today.  And most connected citizens of this planet are aware of the issues surrounding the environment, strange weather and the climate.  However, what many do not see or realize is the agenda behind the current push towards the immediate global action on the “problem” of climate change.  This is not to say that this writer dismisses the reality of climate change and changing weather, but rather that this issue is but a clever smokescreen through which the world is to be deceived into receiving the MARK of the BEAST!

How so?  In order to understand this issue, one must acquaint themselves with biblical prophecy, which this writer has laid out within the video series entitled “Uprising”, which can be found under the YouTube channel called “Cerebration Ministries”.  Without getting too involved in a written explanation, the issue at the end of the world today, will be an issue over worship.

Everyone on this planet is involved in worship in various degrees; whether a person considers themselves to be an atheist or religious.  Many of us do not realize that worship can involve anything from a person, a place to an thing.  People today worship their favorite celebs when they go to their concerts, buy their merchandise and follow them obsessively.  People also worship their lifestyles, cars, homes, careers, social status etc.  While, others worship the environment and yet others worship a deity within a given religious structure.  Basically, worship can involve anything.

However, if any thinking person, willing to place their preconceived notions and ideas aside, to honestly research and search for truth, they will quickly discover that many forms of worship truly do not make one happy at the end of the day.  And in their search for truth, they may discover that there is only one book which speaks to all of the positive aspects of human existence; which is the bible.

The bible is the only book on earth, which is supported by the historical record, the archeological record and current events.   And it is the only book on the planet, when followed truly, that will give a person peace, true wisdom, a Godly character and moral fortitude.  But more than this, the bible is the only written record which has not been in error with respect to prophecy and what is to come.

That said, when a person begins to understand prophecy, via bible study, they will discover that God has set aside a period of rest for all people; the 7th day Sabbath or Saturday.  In fact, all of the authors of the bible, including Jesus Himself, kept the 7th day Sabbath.  And at the end of time, the bible states that not only will the 7th day Sabbath be kept on the new earth (Isaiah 66:23) but that we are required to keep it as well (Revelation 22:14).

The reason why the 7th day Sabbath is so important, is because it identifies who we worship and which God we serve.  However, God has an enemy.  One of His angels, by the name of Lucifer, for whatever reason, rebelled against God and coveted God’s position of power and authority.  Lucifer began to murmur against God and His 10 commandment principles and he stated a revolt in heaven.  The result was war in heaven.  However, Lucifer and the angels who sided with him were forced out of heaven, which is God’s center of authority.

Lucifer, who now became Satan (name means the deceiver) hated God’s 10 commandments and he coveted the worship which Jesus (God the Father’s Son) received.  And as he did in heaven, endeavored to erect his own government on earth and to obtain the worship from mankind, who he had caused to sin against God.  And thus he erected his own day of worship, Sunday (the 1st day of the week), in opposition to God’s 7th day rest, which weekly reminded mankind of creation.  And like God, Satan would use people in order to establish his kingdom here on earth.

This is a rather brief history of what has transpired in this great controversy.  But, today the issue has become and will become even more an issue of Sunday verses Saturday.  And very soon laws will be passed to compel the world to observe Sunday rest.  Don’t believe it?  Just take a look at Pope Francis’ recent encyclical on climate change (click here for document on the Vatican site).  At the very heart of this letter, the pope states that the strange and climatic weather which this planet has been experiencing is tied to people not keeping Sunday “holy”.  And these weather changes are a result of the world not resting according to what God has mandated.  But there is a problem… God has not mandated Sunday rest; Satan has.  And there is not one scripture found within the bible to warrant this change…

And because of this craft and tact on the part of the Vatican, the world will be deceived into believing a prominent spiritual figure.   However, by bowing to the authority of Rome the masses of the world do not realize that they will also be accepting the MARK of the BEAST, which will result in their eternal ruin.  However, God has a plan to save those who will not be deceived by the sophistry of Rome.  May God help us to endure through the coming storm…



Source: Youtube, Cerebration Ministries


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