Climate Change & The MARK of the BEAST (Part 2)

For the past few years, the issue of climate has been promoted and pushed as an urgent action item on the global stage.  This issue has recently sparked some rapid response from world and religious leaders.  While it is true that climate change exists, is it possible that it also is being manufactured?  Indeed it is.  This study highlights how the issue of climate change is being used to unite the world into a very old confederacy, which existed at the beginning of biblical history; that being the tower of Babel…  And this confederacy, under a false agenda is leading the world towards accepting the MARK of the BEAST.  Sound crazy?  It certainly does.  However, truth is often stranger than fiction…  I pray that you and I will make ourselves ready for the time that is to come.   God bless.



Source:  Youtube, Cerebration Ministries


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