The United Nations and The MARK of the BEAST…

Today, the rapid succession of events, tell us that a great period of trouble will soon break out on this planet.  Many have predicted the economic collapse of the United States for years.   However, as the years roll by, the world watches  in hushed anticipation of this inevitable event.  In like manner, other issues such as climate change, terrorism and human rights perplex the minds of many.  And the solution which the world has offered, in which to resolve these issues, is the United Nations.

The United Nations, is a global institution which, from the outside, appears to have the best interests of the world at heart.  And it advertises itself as the global policeman, which champions the protection of the powerless, upholds the rule of law and the protection of human rights.  But is the United Nations truly a force for good?

As a bible believing Christian, I was amazed to discover that the bible, via prophecy, clearly reveals the current and future role of the United Nations and the fallen Roman Catholic System.  And it is striking that prophecy is so clear as its meaning, that the interpretation of it, could not be considered speculation and conjecture.  Many do not realize, that this world is being enticed down a path, which will result in the eternal loss of countless souls…  Let this not happen to any of us…  Today, is the day of decision.  Be informed, check the facts, verify these findings.  And if it is truth, then buy it.  And if it is not, then dismiss it.  I pray that you and I will be able to stand in the troublesome times on the horizon.  God bless.



Source:  Youtube, Cerebration Ministries, 2016


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